We specialize in Systematic Multi-Asset-Class Investment & Risk Hedging Solutions

Why SystematicEdge?

SystematicEdge was founded because we saw a gap in the market for professional and institutional investors who were looking for what we were: safety, transparency and performance, with greater ease of access to sophisticated, institutional level solutions.  

Our mission is to deliver state of the art Systematic Investment and Risk Hedging solutions to maximize net income, minimize costs while providing safety and transparency to the investor.

We believe traditional financial services are at an inflection point.  Subsequently, to fully benefit the end investor, we are focused on leveraging new technologies, coupled with quantitative research to offer compelling investment and risk hedging solutions while compressing costs at all levels of the investment process.

We use Direct Market Access (DMA) on the world’s regulated exchanges, in order to access institutional level financial instruments at the best price with no counterparty risk and no valuation uncertainty. Our systematic Quantitative Process is used to optimize risk adjusted performance for Portfolio Management as well as Currency Hedging.

Our Solutions & Key Benefits

Investment Solutions

We build portfolios for investors based on their risk profile and return objectives. We combine financial technology and quantitative finance within an institutional systematic investment process in order to maximize risk adjusted returns and massively compress costs. We disrupt and outperform traditional Private Banks and Asset managers’ portfolios of similar asset class allocation.

  • “The All Weather Portfolio” – provides balanced exposure across equity and fixed income assets following our systematic process. 
  • “The Bond Income Portfolio” – the portfolio’s objective is to provide income investors can count on regardless of market conditions. 
  • “Systematic Multi-Asset Portfolio - Provides Long-Term Income and Capital Growth. 
  • Portfolio Restructuring – We help clients restructure portfolios during and after dislocated markets.
  • Customized Solutions – We work with investors to understand their risk tolerance and investment objectives and design and implement appropriate solutions.

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Risk Hedging

Our Turn Key Solutions are easy to implement &  fully digital.  We do customized Hedging Program design, execution and risk management.

  • Direct Market Access (DMA) to the world’s main exchanges, by-passing intermediaries in order to minimize fees and execution costs: trades are executed at the best price on regulated exchanges. 
  • One transparent service fee regardless of the number of trades to be executed
  • No counterparty risk, minimized liquidity risk, no valuation uncertainty.
  • 100% STP (Straight Through Processing) with real time account valuation and risk management reports available and accessible via a secured internet portal.
  • We work with family businesses, SMEs, illiquid funds & HNWI with cross border risks.

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How to Invest in SystematicEdge Solutions

Managed Accounts

We want to make it easy to invest in our portfolios and make certain that the investment process is:

  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Cost-efficient  

To ensure this, we can partner with Interactive Brokers or your preferred platform to set up a managed account.

Actively Managed Certificates

For Wealth & Asset Managers, Family Offices and other professional investors that prefer the investment vehicle to be a certificate.

  • Either Private Placement or Exchange Listed issuance
  • Available in all major currencies
  • Daily Reporting
  • Flexible and Customizable
White-label or Sub-Advisory Solutions

Allows Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and Multi-Family Offices to offer to their clients our unique suite of investment solutions, leveraging on our track-record:

  • Control and transparency of the investment process. 
  • A fully supported solution managed externally by experts, with a proven track-record. 
  • Cost effective

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