We specialize in Systematic Multi-Asset-Class Investment, Cash Management & Risk Hedging Solutions

SystematicEdge was founded because we saw a gap in the market for professional and institutional investors who were looking for what we were: safety, transparency and performance, with greater ease of access to sophisticated, institutional level investment solutions.  

We believe traditional asset & wealth management are at an inflection point.  Subsequently, to fully benefit the end investor, we are focused on leveraging new technologies, coupled with quantitative research to offer compelling investment, cash management and risk hedging solutions while compressing costs at all levels of the investment process.

Since 2015, we have successfully designed, implemented and managed multi-asset class strategies, based on two robust return drivers: “Carry” and “Value”. Our goal is to accumulate “income” while preserving capital for the investors regardless of market conditions. We use a Proprietary Systematic Investment Process which is based on clear investment rules, designed to produce positive returns that are repeatable and consistent over time. Our systematic investment process provides the investor with transparency and clarity of the investment style and objectives.

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Our Solutions & Key Benefits

"GMI" Global Market Income
  • A Systematic Global Macro Strategy. 
  • Has an absolute return objective of double digit returns with single digit volatility.
  • Providing access to the widest “opportunity set” across the world’s asset-classes, regions and sectors.
  • The portfolio downside risk is explicitly mitigated by purchasing options (insurances).
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"BIP" The Bond Income Portfolio
  • The Bond Income portfolio’s objective is to provide income investors can count on regardless of market conditions.
  • The portfolio allocation takes advantage of the new paradigm of modern monetary policy applied by central banks. 
  • The portfolio components are bonds that are benefiting the most from this controlled and low interest rates era, especially dated maturity bonds.
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Cash Management, Risk Hedging & Customized Solutions
  • FX hedging, optimized cash management & managed futures solutions.
  • Liquid & transparent.
  • Cost savings at all levels of the investment process
  • Portfolio analysis and optimization
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How to Invest in SystematicEdge Solutions

Managed Accounts

We want to make it easy to invest in our portfolios and make certain that the investment process is:

  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Cost-efficient  

To ensure this, we can partner with Interactive Brokers or your preferred platform to set up a managed account.

Actively Managed Certificates

For Wealth & Asset Managers, Family Offices and other professional investors that prefer the investment vehicle to be a certificate.

  • Either Private Placement or Exchange Listed issuance
  • Available in all major currencies
  • Daily Reporting
  • Flexible and Customizable

White-label or Sub-Advisory Solutions

Allows Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and Multi-Family Offices to offer to their clients our unique suite of investment solutions, leveraging on our track-record:

  • Control and transparency of the investment process. 
  • A fully supported solution managed externally by experts, with a proven track-record. 
  • Cost effective

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