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SystematicEdge March 2021 Market Overview

MARKET CONTEXT: Biden’s New Deal: Stimulus for the World Economy. US President Biden has announced his US$2.25 trillion infrastructure plan, which comes on top of the recovery package of US$1.9 trillion. In total, stimulus measures announced since 2020 correspond to 25% of the US GDP.

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Webinar Hosted by the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong: Mitigating financial cross-border risks for SMEs

Join this session, March 25th at 8:30 am, hosted by the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, to hear from Alain Groshens, CEO and Co-Founder from SystematicEdge and Jean-Roch Martin, Managing Partner from Finance Advisory Board about "Mitigating financial cross-border risks for SMEs". During this session, Alain will speak about the importance of Currency Hedging for SMEs doing cross border business. Register by clicking on the below button.

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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview February 2021

MARKET CONTEXT: The rise in long-term interest rates is marking the start of a new economic cycle

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Webinar: Are you doing your fiduciary duty in minimizing costs and mitigating risks for your clients?

Alain Groshens and Alex Riteau have been asked to present to the Hong Kong Trust Association. The topic is one of our favorites: how to minimize costs and mitigate risks for your clients. If you are the trustee for your clients’ assets, even if you appoint an investment manager, it is your fiduciary responsibility to ensure that you are minimizing costs that drag on investor’s returns, and mitigate risks for your clients. Register here:

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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview January 2021: Cash Injection versus Virus Infection

Global Macro: The world economy is experiencing a slower recovery than expected in Q1 2021 as lockdowns are being rolled out again around the world and the vaccination process is delayed. In the short term, the economic recovery is being challenged but, in the medium term, the most likely scenario remains intact with global vaccination as the key to end the pandemic. In the meantime, we believe “cash injections”, i.e. liquidity provided at near zero interest rates by central banks combined with governments’ stimulus packages, will continue to underpin the growth of equities and risky assets in general and hopefully be sufficient to support the economy while virus infections remain prevalent.

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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview December 2020

​MARKET CONTEXT: Strong equity and credit market momentum despite most of the world being in the eye of the Covid storm. This is the last monthly market overview of 2020 and includes a look forward to 2021.

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