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Central banks’ “terminal” interest rate numbers will be key market drivers: Market Commentary December 2022

The US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of England (BoE), and Bank of Canada (BoC) are all hiking their benchmark rates to combat inflation. These hikes are mechanically compressing the valuation of capital asset classes: Equity, Bonds, and Real Estate.

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Global growth slowed by rising US interest rates and China lockdown: Market Commentary November 2022

In the US: In October, the Manufacturing PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) and Services PMI both fell to their lowest level since 2021. In Europe: The war in Ukraine as well as rising energy, food, and raw material prices are causing European economies to enter a recession. In China: The Chinese export bulldozer is moving forward. The economy is recovering, growing 3.9% in Q3 (vs only +0.4% in Q2), thus beating market expectation of 3.4% and bringing year-to-date growth to 3% (still below the government target of 5.5%).

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Ongoing flight to safe-haven USD as risky assets sell off: Market Commentary October 2022

In September, global equity markets lost about 10%, marking the longest series of losses since 2009, with most equity indices down 20% to 30% year to date. This long-term sell-off is fueled by central banks’ rate hiking cycle, the war in Ukraine, and the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. Central banks communicated clearly that they will continue to raise interest rates to bring down inflation, even if this causes some economic distress. Nonetheless, the impact of the Covid pandemic is progressively fading away.

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HKSI webinar: Currency Hedging in Wealth and Asset Management

​Thank you to Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute for asking SystematicEdge's CEO, Alain Groshens to lead a webinar, October 6th, 2022, on “Currency Hedging in Wealth and Asset Management”. SystematicEdge's mission is to give back to the community including the regulated financial services community and share our expertise on this and other relevant topics. Participants’ key takeaways of this session includes the importance of:

Event date: 06 October 2022

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Whatever it takes to halt inflation: September 2022 Market Commentary

The US Federal Reserve is leading most central banks to continuously raise interest rates in order to combat inflation, at any cost, it seems.

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Upcoming Webinar in collaboration with Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute "Currency Hedging in Wealth and Asset Management"

Our CEO, Alain Groshens, is looking forward to instructing this upcoming course on “Currency Hedging in Wealth and Asset Management” in collaboration with Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute.

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