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SystematicEdge FX Commentary October 2020

USD: Long-term bearish trend - The currency market is at an inflection point. Major upcoming events and risks may reset the relative levels of currencies going forward: the US elections, the second wave of the pandemic, the US and China’s on-going economic trade war and Brexit. In our currency valuation analysis we don’t aim to predict currency as we know currencies follow a random path, yet we can witness their secular (long-term) trends and dynamics. Our goal is to explain currency drivers and their trends set by fundamental economic data which can, however, be disrupted by geopolitical events.

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Demystifying Futures: 3 reasons Futures are an efficient way to gain market exposure

Futures and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are two popular instruments to get exposure to equity indices. In this paper, we look at the key differences.

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The Bond Income Portfolio is ESG Friendly! SystematicEdge’s Bond Income Portfolio follows an ESG friendly investment approach

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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview September 2020

​MARKET CONTEXT: Financial markets show resilience despite a deteriorating pandemic and geopolitical situation

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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview August 2020

MARKET CONTEXT: Financial markets' complacency underpinned by the central banks and governments stimulus. Financial markets continued to be complacent in August despite weak fundamentals, largely driven by central banks’ and governments’ stimulus measures.

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Podcast: Forex Hedging for funds: Protect Returns and Capital from Currency Volatility

Institutional investors, such as private debt and real estate funds, face constant pressure to deliver returns and reduce costs. They must deal with a range of challenges, including the impact of currency volatility on their investments. In order to reach their risk adjusted return objective, a fund must eliminate the currency risks that erode returns and can generate capital losses as well as recurring costs. Listen to our podcast to hear more.

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