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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview February 2020

MARKET CONTEXT: There is continued Impact from the Coronavirus which is now spreading through-out the rest of the world. “How deep will the economic impact be” and “how long will it last” are the two uncertainties currently impacting the financial markets.

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SystematicEdge Monthly Market Overview January 2020

MARKET CONTEXT: Initial impact of the Coronavirus: reduction of Chinese 2020 GDP as well as world growth, weaker equity markets, industrial commodities sell off, rally of safe havens Gold and Government Bonds. These moves will persist until the number of infected cases stabilizes.

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2019 AsiaHedge Asian Rankings Announcement from Privium Fund Management

"Congratulations to Alain Groshens and the SystematicEdge team, whose “Global Market Income (GMI)” and “Bond Income Portfolio (BIP)” were ranked, according to AsiaHedge, in the top-10 and top-5 in their respective categories for Asia, based on annualized returns in 2019."

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SystematicEdge: Monthly Market Overview December 2019

MARKET CONTEXT: In 2020, execution of trade deals that were announced in 2019 (US-China, US-Canada-Mexico, UK-EU), will be governing factors for the performance of financial assets

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SystematicEdge: Monthly Market Overview November 2019

Market Context: 2020 economic scenarios dependent on Geopolitical decisions

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SystematicEdge: Monthly Market Overview October 2019

Market context: On the way to a Global Economic Soft Landing

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