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We wanted to share what our clients are saying about us! To learn more read our latest client story and testimonial.

19 August 2020

Client Story & Testimonial - Mark Owen, Co-Owner, FUNDA

"Funda is a non-bank lender based in Australia. We obtained external financing in US Dollars, from a US based private debt fund. However, given our base currency is AUD, we needed to hedge our AUD/USD exposure, or risk not being able to pay back the US dollar funding. 

After speaking to banks and other FX providers, we decided to partner with SystematicEdge. One of the reasons we chose to work with them was because they provided a turn-key solution tailor made for our needs, including currency conversion and hedging execution, and were much more cost effective than any of the other service providers that we had spoken to.

Alain Groshens and the team have provided excellent service throughout the entire hedging process. We were especially pleased that they were able to design a solution that not only eliminated our currency risk but also improved our profit margin by saving us many percentage points!"

More about FUNDA:

Funda is a non-bank lender based in Newcastle, Australia with clients nationally. They’ve been around for 5 years and specialise in small business loans and helping their clients cover their outstanding invoices. They’ve lent millions of dollars to Aussie businesses, and offer market leading repayment terms and provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.