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Message from the Founder

After a long career as a derivatives trader and manager of large trading teams, in 2015, I took a 2 year sabbatical to do deeper research and development of an investment strategy that I had been working on since the Global Financial Crisis.  I called the strategy “Global Market Income (GMI)” as it is a systematic, multi-asset, "global macro" strategy incorporating the carry and value factors.  While designing the strategy, I also developed the technology that underpins it, which I have named D-SIDE (Digital Systematic Investment Decision Engine)D-SIDE is our proprietary software application that runs our strategy following our methodology. At the time I was driven by my frustration with the investment products on offer and the high fees associated with them.  Once my strategy was implemented, over the course of several years managing our family's money, and it delivering on its absolute return objective, we received requests from friends (who were also deemed professional investors) to also implement it for them.  At that point, in 2017, we partnered with Privium Fund Management in order to acquire regulated status and accept third party money.  You can see how "GMI" performs compared to its "Global Macro" peers in Asia as ranked by AsiaHedge here.  For more information about its performance since inception, please contact us.

I subsequently wrote a practitioner’s analysis about my investment methodology.  It outlines how incorporating the Alternative Beta approach into our systematic investment process is accretive to the other return drivers in our investment strategy and greatly enhances the portfolio’s risk adjusted return profile. GMI embraces diversification, tax & cost efficiency and robust risk management. It was designed to capture the many sources of income from assets that many strategies either do not or do not actually deliver to the investors.  We privilege the use of listed derivatives over cash securities such as ETFs in order to optimize cash consumption in a cost effective fashion, while delivering a highly precise exposure to an asset or index, across asset classes.  The CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) explains some of these advantages well on their site. We also use managed accounts with Interactive Brokers in order to cut the layers of fees that investors have to pay when investing in fund vehicles, and also to minimize execution & custody costs and allow our investors to have their money professionally managed where it sits (ie in their IB account).  Since launching GMI, we have added to our product line-up with a Fixed Income focused product called the The Bond Income Portfolio, a High Dividend Tracker called HDIV and also with Forex risk hedging and cash management solutions.   All of our strategies and solutions follow the same systematic process.  Our goal is to harvest maximum income and value from financial assets.

– Alain Groshens, Founder

Our Strategy: Global Market Income (GMI)


The GMI evolutive strategy has been designed during the aftermath of the 2008 crisis and has been continuously adapted and enhanced since then. It has an objective of double digit returns, single digit volatility and capital preservation within the new global market paradigm of low interest rates, uncertain economic growth, asset volatility and high impact geopolitical events.



The strategy is primarily allocated in Equity and Bond Indices with opportunistic exposures in Commodity and Currencies. The universe of assets comprises the 100 most liquid listed benchmarks and indices in the world (e.g. Nikkei, Euro corporate bonds, Gold, EURUSD). There is no single corporate name risk



The asset allocation is rule based and follows a systematic fundamental methodology that we call Alt-Beta Second Generation (Alt-B2G) as it has 3 defining features compared to traditional rule based process (see our methodology below).

Our Methodology - Alt-B2G

There is a clear return and risk objective (double digit returns with single digit volatility).
It continuously adapts to market risk regimes and new events.
It is actively supervised by experts. It is an active strategy.

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