Evolution of Systematic Strategies towards a continuously adapting investment process.

Our Proprietary Investment Methodology: Alt-B2G

Alternative Beta Second Generation (Alt-B2G) has 3 defining features compared to a traditional rule based process:

There is a clear return and risk objective (double digit returns with single digit volatility).
It continuously adapts to market risk regimes and new events.
It is actively supervised by experts. It is an active strategy.

At SystematicEdge, our objective is to generate compelling risk adjusted returns for our investors while preserving capital, and in our experience, incorporating the Alternative Beta approach in our systematic investment process is accretive to the other return drivers in our investment strategy and greatly enhances the portfolio’s risk adjusted return profile

In our Alt-B2G White-Paper, we describe and explain the investors’ needs, preferences and requirements regarding the evolution of the systematic and factor investing investment process.

We call this new generation of rule based investment methodology “Alternative Beta Second Generation (Alt-B2G)”.

The Alt-B2G systematic and adaptive investment methodology has been implemented successfully in live multi-asset portfolios since 2015.

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