Disrupting Currency Hedging: a Safe, Cost-effective Turn-key Solution

Capture the Full Value from your Hedge

Many small & medium sized corporations are at risk because they do not hedge their foreign currency exposure, resulting in the reduction of their profit margin or even losses.  In some cases this can lead to bankruptcies.   The reasons often cited for taking this risk are due to the high costs usually associated with hedging and the lack of turn-key solutions in the market.  

Read our whitepaper written for SMEs explaining who should hedge and why including a detailed case study.

Institutional investors, such as private debt and real estate funds, face constant pressure to deliver returns and reduce costs. They must deal with a range of challenges, including the impact of currency volatility on their investments.  In order to reach their risk adjusted return objective, a fund must eliminate the currency risks that erode returns and can generate capital losses as well as recurring costs.

Read our whitepaper written for Funds explaining the key reasons to hedge and a detailed case study.

To Address the above Problematic Our Risk Hedging Solutions Provide:

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